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In this work, we propose an SMD (surface mount device) pressure sensor in LTCC technology specially designed for standard industrial compressed air. It combines the measurement of pressure and temperature, with its integrated signal conditioning electronics for linearization, adjustment and temperature compensation. For the first time, such a sensor can be mounted on an integrated electro-fluidic platform like a standard component using surface mount technology, obviating the need for both wires and tubes. Manufacturing of the SMD sensor is described, as well as its performance and limitations. Furthermore, a proposal for an anemometric flow sensor is described. The heating / sensing elements of the sensor consist of PTC co- fired resistors suspended on bridges across the fluidic channel; different geometric and processing variants have been manufactured for tests. In the future, we intend to integrate this flow measurement function and corresponding electronics to the pressure sensor, resulting in an all-in-one integrated industrial compressed air flow –pressure – temperature sensor.