Large open surgical approaches are being extensively replaced by endoscopic and robotic techniques. Yet, these developments have not been paralleled by the necessary improvements in tissue adaptation, fusion or fixation. In order to advance the surgical area to a higher and improved level, adequate tissue fusion methods need to be designed. We therefore developed a sutureless electromagnetic tissue soldering technique, using superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs). A magnetic field in combination with SPIONs as energy transmitters for absorption was used to fuse rabbit aortic tissue in vitro. Temperature profiles and rupture forces of the fused vascular tissue were measured and histological analyses were performed. The rupture force of the fused rabbit aortas was 3078 ± 852 mN. The experiments revealed the feasibility of tissue fusion by electromagnetic heating of SPIONs, which proved to be a novel promising tissue soldering technique.