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000138796 245__ $$aNormalization of network generalized extreme value models
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000138796 520__ $$aAbstract Generalized extreme value (GEV) models provide a convenient way to model choice behavior that is consistent with utility maximization theory, but the development of specific new models within the GEV family has been slow, due to the difficulty of ensuring new formulations comply with all the GEV rules. The network GEV structure introduced by Daly and Bierlaire [Daly, A. and M. Bierlaire, 2006. A general and operational representation of Generalised Extreme Value models. Transportation Research Part B, v. 40, pp. 285-305.] provides a tool to quickly generate new models in the GEV family, without the burden of complex analysis of the new model to ensure its properties. This paper further develops the network GEV tool, describing several methodologies for correctly normalizing the allocation parameters in such models, to ensure unbiasedness. These methods vary depending on the structure of the underlying network.
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