A prototype miniaturized Total Chemical Analysis System (μTAS) has been developed and applied to on-line monitoring of glucose and lactate in the core blood of anaesthetized dogs. The system consists of a highly efficient microdialysis sampling interface sited in a small-scale extracorporeal shunt circuit (‘MiniShunt’), a silicon machined microflow manifold and integrated biosensor array for glucose and lactate detection with associated computer software for analytical process control. During in-vivo testing the device allowed real-time on-screen monitoring of glucose and lactate with system response times of less than 5 min, made possible by the small dead volume of the microflow system. On-line glucose and lactate measurements were made in the basal state as well as during intravenous infusion of glucose or lactate. The prototype μTAS is currently suitable for trend monitoring but refinements are necessary before application of the system for determination of individual lactate values.