ELM induced divertor heat loads on TCV

Results are presented for heat loads at the TCV outer divertor target during ELMing H-mode using a fast IR camera. Benefitting from a recent surface cleaning of the entire first wall graphite armour, a comparison of the transient thermal response of freshly cleaned and untreated tile surfaces (coated with thick co-deposited layers) has been performed. The latter routinely exhibit temperature transients exceeding those of the clean ones by a factor ~3, even if co-deposition throughout the first days of operation following the cleaning process leads to the steady regrowth of thin layers. Filaments are occasionally observed during the ELM heat flux rise phase, showing a spatial structure consistent with energy release at discrete toroidal locations in the outer midplane vicinity and with individual filaments carrying ~1% of the total ELM energy. The temporal waveform of the ELM heat load is found to be in good agreement with the collisionless free streaming particle model.

Published in:
Journal of Nuclear Materials: Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Plasma-Surface Interactions in Controlled Fusion Devices, Volumes 390-391, Pages 801-805
Presented at:
18th International Conference on Plasma-Surface Interactions, PSI, Toledo, Spain, May 26-30, 2008
Amsterdam, Elsevier

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