Microstructure of (Na0.5La0.5)MoO4 crystals coactivated with cerium and erbium ions

Crystals with the scheelite structure have been grown by the Czochralski technique from a melt of composition (Na0.5La0.345Ce0.15Er0.005) MoO4 (NLM: Ce, Er) and have been characterized by scanning and transmission electron microscopy and x-ray microanalysis. The crystals are shown to contain carbon inclusions and CeO2 precipitates, the latter oriented relative to the host matrix: [100]{0 (1) over bar2} NLM: Ce, Er || [ 100]{0 (1) over bar1} CeO2. High-temperature annealing leads to recrystallization and growth of the CeO2 particles, which seems to be responsible for the adverse effect of annealing on the optical quality of the crystals.

Published in:
Inorganic Materials, 43, 3, 287-291

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