Psychophysical Evaluation of a Variable Friction Tactile Interface

This study explores the haptic rendering capabilities of a variable friction tactile interface through psychophysical experiments. In order to obtain a deeper understanding of the sensory resolution associated with the Tactile Pattern Display (TPaD), friction discrimination experiments are conducted. During the experiments, subjects are asked to explore the glass surface of the TPaD using their bare index fingers, to feel the friction on the surface, and to compare the slipperiness of two stimuli, displayed in sequential order. The fingertip position data is collected by an infrared frame and normal and translational forces applied by the finger are measured by force sensors attached to the TPaD. The recorded data is used to calculate the coefficient of friction between the fingertip and the TPaD. The experiments determine the just noticeable difference (JND) of friction coefficient for humans interacting with the TPaD.

Rogowitz, Bernice E.
Pappas, Thrasyvoulos N.
Publié dans:
Proceedings of the SPIE, 7240, 72400J-72400J-7
Présenté à:
Human Vision and Electronic Imaging XIV, San Jose, January 19-22, 2009

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