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Vehicular communication (VC) systems have recently drawn the attention of industry, authorities, and academia. A consensus on the need to secure VC systems and protect the privacy of their users led to concerted efforts to design security architectures. Interestingly, the results different project contributed thus far bear extensive similarities in terms of objectives and mechanisms. As a result, this appears to be an auspicious time for setting the corner-stone of trustworthy VC systems. Nonetheless, there is a considerable distance to cover till their deployment. This paper ponders on the road ahead. First, it presents a distillation of the state of the art, covering the perceived threat model, security requirements, and basic secure VC system components. Then, it dissects predominant assumptions and design choices and considers alternatives. Under the prism of what is necessary to render secure VC systems practical, and given possible non-technical influences, the paper attempts to chart the landscape towards the deployment of secure VC systems.