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000134575 245__ $$aOptimal Color Filter Array Design: Quantitative Conditions and an Efficient  Search Procedure
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000134575 520__ $$aMost digital cameras employ a spatial subsampling process, implemented as  a color filter array (CFA), to capture color images. The choice of CFA patterns  has a great impact on the performance of subsequent reconstruction  (demosaicking) algorithms. In this work, we propose a quantitative theory for  optimal CFA design. We view the CFA sampling process as an encoding (low- dimensional approximation) operation and, correspondingly, demosaicking as  the best decoding (reconstruction) operation. Finding the optimal CFA is thus  equivalent to finding the optimal approximation scheme for the original  signals with minimum information loss. We present several quantitative  conditions for optimal CFA design, and propose an efficient computational  procedure to search for the best CFAs that satisfy these conditions. Numerical  experiments show that the optimal CFA patterns designed from the proposed  procedure can effectively retain the information of the original full-color  images. In particular, with the designed CFA patterns, high quality  demosaicking can be achieved by using simple and efficient linear filtering  operations in the polyphase domain. The visual qualities of the reconstructed  images are competitive to those obtained by the state-of-the-art adaptive  demosaicking algorithms based on the Bayer pattern.
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000134575 7112_ $$aSPIE Electronic Imaging, Digital Photography V$$cSan Jose, CA, USA$$dJanuary 18-22, 2009
000134575 773__ $$j7250$$tProc. SPIE Conference on Digital Photography V
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