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Bragg gratings with directional, efficient, and wavelength-selective fiber outcoupling

Wavelength demultiplexing is a very promising application of photoinduced fiber gratings. In this paper efficient outcoupling of a very narrow wavelength band, in addition to the usual guided Bragg reflection, is presented. The selective outcoupling gratings were fabricated by focusing the irradiation beam to a dimension smaller than the core diameter of a standard fiber. The highly selective outcoupling of such devices might increase the multiplexing density

    Keywords: [OFD] ; diffraction gratings ; optical directional couplers ; optical fibre couplers


    Lab. of Appl. Opt., Swiss Federal Inst. of Technol., Lausanne, Switzerland, 5143981, Bragg gratings, directional wavelength-selective fiber outcoupling, wavelength demultiplexing, photoinduced fiber gratings, guided Bragg reflection, beam focusing


    • LOA-CONF-1995-001

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