Conference paper

Energy Characterization of Garbage Collectors for Dynamic Applications on Embedded Systems

Modern embedded devices (e.g. PDAs, mobile phones) are now incorporating Java as a very popular implementation language in their designs. These new embedded systems include multiple complex applications (e.g. 3D rendering applications) that are dynamically launched by the user, which can produce very energy-hungry systems if they are not properly designed. Therefore, it is crucial for new embedded devices a better understanding of the interactions between the applications and the garbage collectors to reduce their energy consumption and to extend their battery life. In this paper we present a complete study, from an energy viewpoint, of the different state-of-the-art garbage collectors mechanisms (e.g. mark-and-sweep, generational garbage collectors) for embedded systems. Our results show that traditional solutions of garbage collectors for Java-based systems do not seem to produce the lowest energy consumption solutions.

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