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000130873 245__ $$aAnalysis of electrocardiograms during atrial fibrillation
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000130873 520__ $$aThe research discussed in this article is motivated by the search for an optimal classification of the different types of atrial fibrillation (AF) on the basis of recorded atrial signals. This would facilitate the selection of an optimal therapy. This article focuses on the biophysical models of the genesis of ECG waveforms during AF. The model of the electric activity of the atria was found to have sufficient realism to be used to describe the electric sources during AF. The inclusion of the volume conduction model resulted in electrocardiographic signals that are in all aspects similar to those observed clinically. The model is currently applied to solve various problems related to optimal signal preprocessing and extraction of features in AF signals for the classification of AF abnormalities. The biophysical model of the atrial activity is an essential element in this research, since it is capable of describing the electric source specifications derived from different hypotheses relating to the etiology of AF
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