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Modeling of thermal responses for FRP composites under elevated and high temperatures

Based on temperature-dependent thermo-physical property models developed previously, a one-dimensional model was proposed to predict the thermal responses of FRP composites in time and space domain, up to high temperatures. An implicit finite differential method was used to solve the governing equation. The progressive change in thermo-physical properties - including decomposition degree, mass transfer, specific heat capacity, and thermal conductivity - was determined using the proposed model. Several sets of boundary conditions were considered in the model, including prescribed temperature or heat flow, heat convection and/or radiation. The results obtained using different boundary conditions were compared to experimental data of structural fire endurance experiments on cellular FRP panels with and without liquid-cooling. For each scenario, calculated and measured time-dependent temperature progressions at different material depths were in good agreement. © 2007 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


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