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Sinusoidal structured light projection (SSLP) technique, specifically- phase stepping method, is in widespread use to obtain accurate, dense 3-D data. But, if the object under investigation possesses surface discontinuities, phase unwrapping (an intermediate step in SSLP) stage mandatorily require several additional images, of the object with projected fringes (of different spatial frequencies), as input to generate a reliable 3D shape. On the other hand, Color-coded structured light projection (CSLP) technique is known to require a single image as in put, but generates sparse 3D data. Thus we propose the use of CSLP in conjunction with SSLP to obtain dense 3D data with minimum number of images as input. This approach is shown to be significantly faster and reliable than temporal phase unwrapping procedure that uses a complete exponential sequence. For example, if a measurement with the accuracy obtained by interrogating the object with 32 fringes in the projected pattern is carried out with both the methods, new strategy proposed requires only 5 frames as compared to 24 frames required by the later method.