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Cancer: growth caused by uncontrolled and abnormal cell division, resulting in a non-structured mass or tumor, serving no beneficial purpose to the body. Even though cancer is one of the leading fatal diseases of today's world, with no distinction for age, sex, or organ, it can be fought and cured. Prevention, early diagnosis, correct treatment and optimal rehabilitation are key factors that will allow to surpass such a difficult moment. The aim of a Swiss Cancer Center is to unite these different elements. Away from the noise and stress of the city, but still at mid point between two major scientific poles, Gland offers an ideal site. By completely integrating the building into the nature of the south facing lakeside site with the view of the mountains, the Swiss Cancer Center tries to become one with its surroundings. Its architecture plays a major role in the well being of patients and doctors. It attempts to humanize the medical world. The creation of parks, green areas, lounges, and the use of natural light and fresh air are only some of the steps undertaken that limit the stress factors plaguing hospitals. The calm and beauty of the site can thus flow through the building, infusing it with its inherent serenity. The goal is to take the human as a starting point and to rethink the medical institution from there. It is by striking a balance between functionality, efficiency, ecology, health, and humanity that this goal can be achieved.