Subspace-Based Methods for Image Registration and Super-Resolution

Super-resolution algorithms combine multiple low resolution images into a single high resolution image. They have received a lot of attention recently in various application domains such as HDTV, satellite imaging, and video surveillance. These techniques take advantage of the aliasing present in the input images to reconstruct high frequency information of the resulting image. One of the major challenges in such algorithms is a good alignment of the input images: subpixel precision is required to enable accurate reconstruction. In this paper, we give an overview of some subspace techniques that address this problem. We first formulate super-resolution in a multichannel sampling framework with unknown offsets. Then, we present three registration methods: one approach using ideas from variable projections, one using a Fourier description of the aliased signals, and one using a spline description of the sampling kernel. The performance of the algorithms is evaluated in numerical simulations.

Published in:
Proc. IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, 645-648
Presented at:
IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, San Diego, October 12-15, 2008

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