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Methods for direct data-driven tuning of the parameters of precompensators for LPV systems are developed. Since the commutativity property is not always satisfied for LPV systems, previously proposed methods for LTI systems that use this property cannot be directly adapted. When the ideal precompensator giving perfect mean tracking exists in the proposed precompensator parameterisation, the LPV transfer operators do commute and an algorithm using only two experiments on the real system is proposed. It is shown that this algorithm gives consistent estimates of the ideal parameters despite the presence of stochastic disturbances. For the more general case, when the ideal precompensator does not belong to the set of parameterised precompensators, another technique is developed. This technique requires a number of experiments equal to twice the number of precompensator parameters and it is shown that the calculated parameters minimise the mean squared tracking error. The theoretical results are demonstrated in simulation.