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000128547 245__ $$aA combined neural network/gradient-based approach for the identification of constitutive model parameters using self-boring pressuremeter tests
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000128547 520__ $$aThis paper presents a numerical procedure of material parameter identification for the coupled hydromechanical boundary value problem (BVP) of the self-boring pressuremeter test (SBPT) in clay. First, the neural network (NN) technique is applied to obtain an initial estimate of model parameters, taking into account the possible drainage conditions during the expansion test. This technique is used to avoid potential pitfalls related to the conventional gradient-based optimization techniques, considered here as a corrector that improves predicted parameters. Parameter identification based on measurements obtained through the pressuremeter expansion test and two types of holding tests is illustrated on the Modified Cam clay model. NNs are trained using a set of test samples, which are generated by means of finite element simulations of SBPT. The measurements obtained through expansion and consolidation tests are normalized so that NN predictors operate independently of the testing depth. Examples of parameter determination are demonstrated on both numerical and field data. The efficiency of the combined parameter identification in terms of accuracy, effectiveness and computational effort is also discussed.
000128547 6531_ $$aparameter identification
000128547 6531_ $$aneural networks
000128547 6531_ $$aself-boring pressuremeter
000128547 6531_ $$amodified cam clay
000128547 6531_ $$asoft clay deposit
000128547 700__ $$aObrzud, R. F.
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000128547 700__ $$aTruty, A.
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