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000126368 245__ $$aNR2C-New Road Construction Concepts. Work Package 2: Interurban infrastructures. Concept and research programme for future interurban infrastructures
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000126368 500__ $$aRapport de Recherche NR2C (FEHRL), Deliverable 2.3
000126368 520__ $$aAs explained in previous "Vision 2040" report, NR2C project deals with the perception of the road infrastructure in the future by considering the point of view of different type of people. Following this general idea, different research strands have been analysed within the work package 2 which was dedicated to interurban infrastructure. For instance, the researches investigated the lengthening of the laying period under bad weather conditions, the utilisation of recycling asphalt in a high modulus asphalt base layer, the application of a poroelactic layer on pavement blocks, but also cooperative elements in infrastructure for infrared on- board vision systems. Thus, the five different innovations considered in this work package covered various domains of the interurban infrastructure. In order to go a bit further with the interurban infrastructure, it has been decided to highlight a few research directions for future possible projects that could be performed. Hence, the aim of this report is to close the interurban research part by forwarding recommendations for future research on interurban infrastructure, in accordance with the experience acquired within the NR2C project. Moreover, these ideas have been separated following the concepts developed in work package 0. Hence, by considering each four different topics highlighted in the vision 2040 that are reliable, green, human and safe/smart, a few research ideas have been developed for each topic. These possible research directions that are presented hereafter represent the output of different brainstorming between the partners involved in this work package and it firstly aims at giving some preliminary recommendations, but of course without the claim to be exhaustive.
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