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000126267 520__ $$aIn creating Terms of Reference, the Group has to consider the scope of the meaning of long-life pavements. It is suggested that this should not be ‘life’ related but based on the concept that a long-life pavement is one that is heavily trafficked, and is designed and maintained such that no structural deterioration occurs in the main supporting layers of the pavement, whatever the traffic loading conditions given the current legal maximum axle load in each country. The only deterioration that occurs should be in the upper or surface layers of the pavement. The main aim of this task is to produce a consensus definition of long-life pavements. This task is critical to the project and was performed at an early stage in the project prior to commencement of the other tasks. This task had to ensure that there is a consistency of approach within the working groups. The task involved obtaining national definition of long-life pavements from each of the participating member’s countries. From these definitions, and discussions, a consensus definition of a long-life pavement has been brought together and made available as a reference to all the members of ELLPAG. The definition of long-life pavements has been refined during the course of this project. This has lead to a short statement of the definition of long-life pavements at the end of this chapter.
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