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A study comparing several technical options for producing Fischer-Tropsch fuel by biomass gasification has been performed. Each step of the process has been simulated using ProsimPlus, a process simulation software: gasification, gas cleaning, FT synthesis. Three technical options for gasification have been studied, i.e. fluidised bed followed by high temperature reactor with either oxygen or electricity input and entrained flow reactor. Downstream gasification, gas cleaning, FT synthesis and tail gas valorisation (IGCC use) remain unchanged. A recycling of FT tail gas by steam reforming is also considered as an option. Elements of energy integration have been taken into account. Some elements of economic assessment are also given. At the end of the study, the main conclusions are: (i) recycling leads to better mass and energy efficiencies; (ii) electricity production may not be the best solution; (iii) the cleaning step is one of the most energy consuming steps.