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The aim of this study is to compare the difference in µ-motion between a custom stem implant and a sps standard stem and assess the importance of patient specificity. A surgeon would implant 3 sps-standar stems and 3 custom stems in 6 cadaveric femurs. The implants will be loaded at different physiological strengths, by means of a mechanical device attached to the distal femoral end and the implant neck. The different deformations induced by the loadings are going to be recorded by computed tomography utilizing a µ-CT SkyScan 1076 in-vivo µCT The student will be responsible for performing the µ-CT scans of the femurs and interpreting the data. Which include: Number of contact points and total contact surface area. Gap sizes (extension and normal distance). Locations of gaps and contact areas. Gap variation as a function of load (µ-motion). Subsidence. Bone quality of each bone sample. Variation of above parameters according to the individuals.