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Porous Asphalt (PA) is used worldwide for its favorable splash and spray properties and its reduction of aquaplaning under rainy conditions as well as its noise reduction properties. Switzerland started using PA in 1979 with mixed results. According to a survey taken in 2004, nine of the 26 cantons use PA. In particular, canton Vaud in western Switzerland is known as one of the leaders in promoting and using PA. Currently, 1/3 of the Vaud motorways are covered with porous asphalt and the use of PA is planned to be extended to most of the motorway surfaces in the canton Vaud up to an altitude of 600m. In addition, there are several bridge trial sections with PA. After the initial survey of the literature appropriate mechanical tests for porous asphalt were chosen (Table 8. 1). At the same time a survey of current experience with porous asphalt in Switzerland was conducted (Appendix 2). Tests were performed on laboratory prepared specimens (AG1, AG4, AG5, VD7, VD8, VD9) and cores (VD2, VD3, VD4, VD5, VS6, AG2, AG3, VD10) taken from selected pavements chosen based on the feedback from various cantons. The behavior of the selected materials was also assessed using an analytical model. Laboratory tests allowed the comparison of core performance with that of laboratory prepared specimen as well as comparison with field performance. Based on the results two mixes were optimized (VD9, AG5) and recommendations for mechanical tests appropriate for porous asphalt were made.