Carbon-13 labelled methane was injected into the outer divertor during a series of H-mode discharges on the last day of operations with the JET MkII-SRP divertor. Tiles from around the vessel were removed during the subsequent shutdown and surface deposits were analysed by IBA techniques and SIMS. First attempts to model the pattern of 13 C deposition using EDGE2D are reported. Erosion of W markers at the outer divertor was observed, with implications for the ITER-like wall experiment planned for JET, whilst thin film growth in the same region has been followed by the effect on infrared measurements. The composition of thick films deposited at the inner divertor during the MkII-SRP campaign, and the migration to the inner corner of the divertor observed by a quartz micro-balance, provide further information on divertor transport. Crown Copyright (c) 2007 Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.