The ITER toroidal field model coil (TFMC) was designed, constructed and tested by the European Home Team in the framework of the ITER research and development program of the Engineering Design Activities (EDA). The project was performed under the leadership of European Fusion Development Activity/Close Support Unit (EFDA/CSU), Ciarching. in collaboration with the European superconductor laboratories and the European industry. The TFMC wits developed and constructed in collaboration with the European industry consortium (AGAN) and Europa Metalli LMI supplied the conductor, The TFMC was tested in the test phase I as single coil and in phase 11 in the background field of the EURATOM LCT coil in the TOSKA facility of the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe. In phase 1, the TFMC achieved an ITER TF coil relevant current of about 80kA and further representative test results before the end of the EDA. In the more complex test phase [I. the coil was exposed to ITER TF coil relevant mechanical stresses in the winding pack and case. The tests confirmed that engineering design principles and manufacturing procedures are sound and suitable for the ITER TF full size coils. The electromagnetic. thermo hydraulic and mechanical operation parameters agree well with predictions. The achieved Lorentz force on the conductor was about 800 kN/m. That has been equivalent to the Lorentz forces in ITER TF coils. (c) 2005 Elsevier B.V. All fights reserved.