Low collisionality, low particle source. ELMy H-modes (type-III) with sawteeth are produced in JET in order to address the question of density profile evolution in the reference q(95) = 3 ITER scenario. The paper focuses on particle transport in the core zone around the mid-radius. The pedestal region including ELMs and the region affected by sawteeth are not considered. By replacing a significant part of the neutral beam heating by RF power the beam particle flux at mid-radius has been reduced to Gamma(Beam)/n(e) = 0.07 m s(-1). The additional flux due to wall neutrals is estimated as Gamma(Wall)/n(e) = 0.12 m s(-1). Density profiles are found to be modestly peaked under these conditions with a relative density difference of Deltan/(n) = 0.23 across the zone not affected by sawteeth and ELMs. In a region around the mid-radius the ratio of effective particle diffusivity to electron thermal diffusivity is found to be D-e,D-eff/chi(e) approximate to 0.2, which might indicate an anomalous pinch provided the particle diffusivity D-e is sufficiently lame. The measured values of D-e,D-eff/chi(e) are at the lower end of the range used in ITER models.