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Comparing scrape-off layer and divertor physics in JET pure He and D discharges

Though helium plasmas are one option for the low activation phase of ITER, little effort has thus far been devoted to studying them in a large, diverted tokamak. A recent campaign on JET has therefore sought to address some of the important questions related to helium operation (He concentrations near 90%) in single null configuruations, particularly with regard to edge and divertor physics. This contribution compiles a selection of results from these experiments, in which, in each case, discharges have been chosen to match as closely as possible previous, well characterised D plasmas in both L and ELMing H-modes. These matched pulses are used to draw conclusions regarding the principle source and location of carbon production in D plasmas, to compare and contrast the mechanisms of the density limit and the detachment process in D and He, to investigate the nature of cross-field power transport in the SOL and to gain insight into the process by which ELM energy is transported to the divertor targets. (C) 2003 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.


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