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A high-performance digital control system for TCV

The TCV hybrid analogue-digital plasma control system has been superseded by a high performance Digital Plasma Control System, DPCS, made possible by recent advances in off the shelf technology. We discuss the basic requirements for such a control system and present the design and specifications which were laid down. The nominal and final performances are presented and the complete design is given in detail. The integration of the new system into the current operation of the TCV tokamak is described. The procurement of this system has required close collaboration between the end-users and two commercial suppliers with one of the latter taking full responsibility for the system integration. The impact of this approach on the design and commissioning costs for the TCV project is presented, New possibilities offered by this new system are discussed, including possible work relevant to ITER plasma control development.

    Keywords: ITER


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    Record created on 2008-04-16, modified on 2017-05-12


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