Benefits of Short- and Long-Term Energy Storage in the context of renewable energies and sustainable management of energy resources

Potential solutions for energy storage are presented, in the context of renewable energies and in relation with new opportunities in the domain of the use of classical resources as fossils. From the classical pumped hydro storage to smaller energy quantities in decentralized generation concepts, there are many advantages to use energy storage equipments in transmission and distribution sector. The paper gives an overview on actually and in the near future industrialized energy storage means. Also for transportation systems, new concepts as "Downsizing" or power assistance can bring many savings in the energy consumption of actual and future society. The considerations include reflections on life cycle of technology and recycling.

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ANAE : Associazione Nazionale Azionamenti Elettrici, 19o Seminario Interattivo, Azionamenti elettrici : Evoluzione Tecnologica e Problematiche Emergenti, Bressanone, Italy, 3-4 March 2008

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