Nowadays, customers have legitimate requirements as regards quality that marketing and consumers departments attempt to satisfy. The sound is well-known to enhance or detract from our pleasure in possessing or using a product. Sound quality engineering is consequently more and more requested by companies in order to have acoustic guidelines to develop their products in accordance with the end-users expectations. Our research relates to usual commercial products concerned by the keystroke sound (computer keyboards, mice, mobile phone, remote control, etc…). The purpose is on the one hand to define precisely the perceptive aspect of keystroke sound that influences the overall typing comfort, and on the other hand to identify the means of translating the pleasantness in an objective way. In response to these problems, our strategy is to examine both objective and subjective data starting from a variety of keystroke sounds. The presented work proposes an overview of the perceptive study and comments on audio metrics that is helpful for translating the pleasantness of keystroke sound in an objective way.