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Analysis of the stability of a posterior fusion system for the treatment of burst fractures

In the framework of spine traumatology, burst fractures are severe and are often caused by car accidents or by falls. The vertebra breaks under the traumatic compression and pieces of it are shattered in all directions. This type of fracture is often treated by spinal fusion using a posterior sytem with rods and pedicular screws. By decompressing the traumatic region, the fracture is allowed to heal and to restore to a physiological geometry. However, a progressive kyphosis (flexion of the spine) is clinically observed arising from the rotation of the pedicular screws in the vertebra. The correction is therefore lost and proper healing compromised. This semester project (12 credits) consists of analysing and optimizing the stress around the pedicular screws under compressive loading of a posterior spinal fusion system

    Keywords: finished ; joint


    • LBO-STUDENT-2008-017

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