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The murine genes Hox-5.1 and Hox-4.1 belong to the same HOX complex on chromosome 2

Two different loci of Antennapedia-related homeobox-containing genes have been shown to map to mouse chromosome 2: the HOX-5 complex and the Hox-4.1 gene. These independently derived loci are likely to be parts of a single gene complex, although their close linkage has not yet been demonstrated. Since cosmid walks to extend the HOX-5 cluster and to potentially link the two loci were unsuccessful, we have used large restriction fragments separated by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis to demonstrate the linkage between probes from the HOX-5 region and sequences near Hox-4.1. To further define the distance between the two linked loci, we screened a NotI jumping library with sequences near the Hox-5.1 gene to obtain a marker within the region predicted to contain Hox-4.1. The jumping endpoint lies within genomic clones from a lambda phage walk extending from the 5' end of Hox-4.1, and thus provides clear evidence of linkage between the two Hox loci. Our results demonstrate that Hox-4.1 lies approximately 35 kb downstream of the Hox-5.1 gene and that the two loci do indeed thus constitute parts of the same HOX complex.


    Imperial Cancer Research Fund Laboratories, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, United Kingdom.


    Record created on 2008-02-25, modified on 2017-05-12


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