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000117580 245__ $$aDirect interaction of nucleoporin p62 with mRNA during its export from the nucleus
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000117580 500__ $$aSwiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research (ISREC) Genetics Unit, Epalinges.
000117580 520__ $$aPrimary transcripts in eukaryotic cells undergo several processing steps within the nucleus, and resulting mature RNA molecules are selectively exported to the cytoplasm. Nucleo-cytoplasmic mRNA transport is an active process that likely involves RNA-protein interactions. To identify specific RNA-binding proteins, we designed a novel approach, which allows the analysis of interactions between mRNAs and proteins along the transport pathway. The method consists of inducing in vivo a covalent binding between nuclear proteins and microinjected mRNAs. Using such a procedure, we were able to detect a direct interaction between nucleoporin p62 with mRNA during export. The formation of the mRNA-p62 complex was inhibited by wheat-germ agglutinin, an inhibitor of mRNA export. Antibodies directed against p62 caused a substantial reduction in the rate of mRNA export from the nucleus.
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