Flow field investigation in a rectangular shallow reservoir using UVP, LSPIV and numerical modelling

Low velocity and shallow-depth flow fields often are a challenge to most velocity measuring instruments. In the framework of a research project on reservoir sedimentation, the influence of the reservoir geometry on sediment transport and deposition was studied. An inexpensive and accurate technique for Large-Scale Particle Image Velocimetry (LSPIV) was developed to measure the surface velocity field in 2D. An Ultrasonic Doppler Velocity Profiler (UVP) and LSPIV techniques were used for verification and validation of the numerical simulations. The velocities measured by means of UVP allowed an instantaneous measurement of the 1D velocity profile over the whole flow depth. The turbulence large-scale structures and jet expansion in the basin have been determined based on UVP, LSPIV and numerical simulations. Vertical velocity distributions were defined to study the vertical velocity effect. UVP measurements confirm 2D flow map in shallow reservoir. LSPIV has potential to measure low velocities. The comparison between LSPIV, UVP and numerical simulation gives good agreements.

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Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, 19, 3-4,, 139-144
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