Characterization of the cell type-specific determinant in the genome of minute virus of mice

Two strains of minute virus of mice (MVM) show different host cell specificities. The prototype strain MVM(p) grows in fibroblasts, whereas the immunosuppressive variant MVM(i) grows in T lymphocytes. In this study, we have mapped on the viral genome a cell type-specific determinant: it is located between 69 and 85 map units in a region coding for the viral capsid proteins. The DNA of MVM(p) does not replicate in lymphocytes. MVM(i) cannot help MVM(p) grow in lymphocytes; thus the determinant acts in a cis fashion. We did not detect viral mRNA during a restrictive infection of lymphocytes with MVM(p). However, when the same cells were transfected with cloned DNA, both MVM(p) and MVM(i) DNAs were transcribed with the same efficiency from both promoters and the RNA was processed normally. Therefore, the specificity determinant is not a cell type-specific enhancer.

Published in:
J Virol, 62, 2, 552-7
Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research, Epalinges, Switzerland.

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