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A mechanical explanation of the phenomenon of punching shear in slabs without transverse reinforcement is presented on the basis of the opening of a critical shear crack. It leads to the formulation of a new failure criterion for punching shear based on the rotation of a slab. This criterion correctly describes punching shear failures observed in experimental testing, even in slabs with low reinforcement ratios. Its application requires the knowledge of the load-rotation relationship of the slab, for which a simple mechanical model is proposed. The resulting approach is shown to give better results than current design codes, with a very low coefficient of variation (COV). Parametric studies demonstrate that it correctly predicts several aspects of punching shear previously observed in testing as size effect (decreasing nominal shear strength with increasing size of the member). Accounting for the proposed failure criterion and load-rotation relationship of the slab, the punching shear strength of a flat slab is shown to depend on the span of the slab, rather than on its thickness as often proposed.