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SmartClients: Constraint satisfaction as a paradigm for scaleable intelligent information systems

Many information systems are used in a problem solving context. Examples are travel planning systems, catalogs in electronic commerce, or agenda planning systems. They can be made more useful by integrating problem-solving capabilities into the information systems. This poses the challenge of scaleability: when hundreds of users access a server at the same time, it is important to avoid excessive computational load. We present the concept of SmartClients: lightweight problem-solving agents based on constraint satisfaction which can carry out the computation- and communication-intensive tasks on the user's computer. We present an example of an air travel planning system based on this technology.


    Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Computer Science Department, Swiss Fed. Inst. of Technol. (EPFL), Ecublens 1015, Lausanne, Switzerland


    Record created on 2008-01-14, modified on 2017-05-12

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