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Terminal Cobalt(III) Imido Complexes Supported by Tris(Carbene) Ligands: Imido Insertion into the Cobalt-Carbene Bond

Highly reactive tris-carbene Co(I) complexes [(TIMENaryl)Co]Cl react with org. azides to yield monomeric Co(III) imido complexes [(TIMENaryl)Co(NAr')](BPh4) (aryl = mes, xyl; Ar = -C6H4-CH3, -C6H4-OCH3). The cobalt-imido fragment in these complexes is electrophilic and, as a result, the imido group readily inserts into the cobalt-carbene bond, yielding bis-carbene imine cobalt complexes. The crystal structure of carbene imido cobalt complexes were detd. [on SciFinder (R)]


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