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000114901 245__ $$aCleanEx: a database of heterogeneous gene expression data based on a consistent gene nomenclature
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000114901 520__ $$aThe main goal of CleanEx is to provide access to public gene expression data via unique gene names. A second objective is to represent heterogeneous expression data produced by different technologies in a way that facilitates joint analysis and cross-data set comparisons. A consistent and up-to-date gene nomenclature is achieved by associating each single experiment with a permanent target identifier consisting of a physical description of the targeted RNA population or the hybridization reagent used. These targets are then mapped at regular intervals to the growing and evolving catalogues of human genes and genes from model organisms. The completely automatic mapping procedure relies partly on external genome information resources such as UniGene and RefSeq. The central part of CleanEx is a weekly built gene index containing cross-references to all public expression data already incorporated into the system. In addition, the expression target database of CleanEx provides gene mapping and quality control information for various types of experimental resource, such as cDNA clones or Affymetrix probe sets. The web-based query interfaces offer access to individual entries via text string searches or quantitative expression criteria. CleanEx is accessible at: http://www.cleanex.isb-sib.ch/.
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