The FIP1 gene encodes a component of a yeast pre-mRNA polyadenylation factor that directly interacts with poly(A) polymerase

We have identified an essential gene, called FIP1, encoding a 327 amino acid protein interacting with yeast poly(A) polymerase (PAP1) in the two-hybrid assay. Recombinant FIP1 protein forms a 1:1 complex with PAP1 in vitro. At 37 degrees C, a thermosensitive allele of FIP1 shows a shortening of poly(A) tails and a decrease in the steady-state level of actin transcripts. When assayed for 3'-end processing in vitro, fip1 mutant extracts exhibit normal cleavage activity, but fail to polyadenylate the upstream cleavage product. Polyadenylation activity is restored by adding polyadenylation factor I (PF I). Antibodies directed against FIP1 specifically recognize a polypeptide in these fractions. Coimmunoprecipitation experiments reveal that RNA14, a subunit of cleavage factor I (CF I), directly interacts with FIP1, but not with PAP1. We propose a model in which PF I tethers PAP1 to CF I, thereby conferring specificity to poly(A) polymerase for pre-mRNA substrates.

Published in:
Cell, 81, 3, 379-89
Department of Cell Biology, University of Basel, Switzerland.

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