Estimating the Vertical Structure of Intense Mediterranean Precipitation Using Two X-Band Weather Radar Systems

The present study aims at a preliminary approach of multiradar compositing applied to the estimation of the vertical structure of precipitation—an important issue for radar rainfall measurement and prediction. During the HYDROMET Integrated Radar Experiment (HIRE’98), the vertical profile of reflectivity was measured, on the one hand, with an X-band vertically pointing radar system, and, on the other hand, with an X-band RHI scanning protocol radar. The analysis of the raw data highlights the effects of calibration and attenuation problems affecting the measurements of both radar systems. Once the two radar systems have been intercalibrated, various attenuation correction techniques are applied. The comparison of raw, intercalibrated, and corrected radar measurements for the two radar systems stresses the importance of calibration and attenuation correction. The applied corrections improve the consistency of the vertical profile of reflectivity that is measured by the two radar systems. However, a significant uncertainty remains when strong radar signal attenuations occur.

Published in:
Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 22, 11, 1656-1675

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