Graphical Comparison of Image Analysis and Laser Diffraction Particle, Size Analysis Data Obtained From the Measurements of Nonspherical Particle Systems

The purpose of this paper is to describe results from the use of a set of Excel macros written to facilitate the comparison of image analysis (IA) and laser diffraction (LD) particle size analysis (psa) data. Measurements were made on particle systems of differingmorphological characteristics including differing average aspect ratios, particle size distribution widths and modalities. The IA and LD psa data were plotted on the same graph treating both the weighting and the size unit of the LD psa data as unknowns. Congruency of the IA and LD plots was considered to indicate successful experimental determination of the weighting and size unit. The weighting of the resulting LD psa data (so- called volume-weighted) is shown to be better correlated with IA area- weighted data. The size unit of LD psa data is shown to be a function of particle shape. In the case of high aspect ratio particles characterized by approximately rectangular faces the LD psa data is shown to be a function of multiple particle dimensions being related to IA size descriptors through a simple variation of the law of mixtures. The results demonstrate that successful correlations between IA and LD psa data can be realized in the case of non-spherical particle systems even in the case of high aspect ratio particles; however, the inappropriateness of the application of the Equivalent Spherical Volume Diameter and the Random Particle Orientation assumptions to the interpretation of the LD psa results must first be acknowledged. Correlation permits cross validation of IA and LD psa results increasing confidence in the accuracy of the data from each orthogonal technique.

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AAPS PharmSciTech, 7, 3, Article 69
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