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The eLogBook Framework: Sustaining Interaction, Collaboration, and Learning in Laboratory-Oriented CoPs

Convinced by the important role of CoPs (communities of practice) and the innovative learning modality they offer, the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne is currently developing a framework to sustain interaction, collaboration, and learning in laboratory-oriented CoPs, namely the eLogBook. This paper describes the services provided by this framework, the 3A model on which it is based, and the main features it presents. The eLogBook presents several innovative features that make it different from other classical collaboration workspaces. The eLogBook offers a high level of flexibility and adaptability so that it can fit the requirements of various CoPs. It allows CoPs' members to define their own rules, protocols, and vocabularies. The eLogBook also focus on usability and user acceptance thanks to its personalization and contextualization mechanisms. Finally, the eLogBook provides a community's members with ubiquitous services thanks to its multiple views and its advanced awareness services.

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