Disordering of the Ge(001) surface studied by He atom scattering

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Surf. Sci., 447, 1-3, L147-L151
TASC, Lab INFM, I-34012 Trieste, Italy. Sincrotrone Trieste SCPA, I-34012 Trieste, Italy. Univ Trieste, Dipartmento Fis, I-34127 Trieste, Italy. Floreano, L, TASC, Lab INFM, Padriciano 99, I-34012 Trieste, Italy. ISI Document Delivery No.: 289JA Cited References: ALVAREZ J, 1996, PHYS REV B, V54, P5581 CVETKO D, 1992, MEAS SCI TECHNOL, V3, P997 FARIAS D, 1997, PHYS REV B, V55, P7023 FERRER S, 1995, PHYS REV LETT, V75, P1771 GLEBOV AL, 1999, PHYS REV LETT, V82, P3300 IHM J, 1983, PHYS REV LETT, V51, P1872 INOUE K, 1994, PHYS REV B, V49, P14774 JOHNSON AD, 1991, PHYS REV B, V44, P1134 KEVAN SD, 1984, PHYS REV LETT, V53, P702 KEVAN SD, 1985, PHYS REV B, V32, P2344 KUBOTA M, 1994, PHYS REV B, V49, P4810 LELAY G, 1992, PHYS REV B, V45, P6692 LUCAS CA, 1993, PHYS REV B, V47, P10375 MELI CA, 1994, J CHEM PHYS, V101, P7139 MELI CA, 1995, PHYS REV LETT, V74, P2054 MODESTI S, 1994, PHYS REV LETT, V73, P1951 NAKAMURA Y, 1997, PHYS REV B, V55, P10549 STUMPF R, 1993, PHYS REV B, V47, P16016 TAKEUCHI N, 1994, PHYS REV LETT, V72, P2227 WILLIS RF, 1985, DYNAMICAL PHENOMENA, V11 ZANDVLIET HJW, 1991, SOLID STATE COMMUN, V78, P455 NR 21 TC 15 PU ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV PI AMSTERDAM PA PO BOX 211, 1000 AE AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS SN 0039-6028

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