Magnetic-field effects in the luminescence of V-shaped quantum wires

Quantum wire heterostructures, such as V- and T-shaped wires, are very promising candidates for low-threshold lasing. A crucial issue is the excitonic vs. free-carrier nature of the radiative recombination. Here, we report on magnetophotoluminescence studies of GaAs and InGaAs V-shaped wires that allow to discriminate different regimes of radiative recombination.

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Il Nuovo Cimento D, 17, 11-12, 1681-1685
Univ marburg,w-3550 marburg,germany. univ modena,dipartimento fis,unita infn,i-41100 modena,italy. univ bari,dipartmento fis,bari,italy. ecole polytech fed lausanne,lausanne,switzerland. Rinaldi, R, UNIV LECCE,DIPARTIMENTO SCI MAT,UNITA INFN,VIA ARNESANO,I-73100 LECCE,ITALY. ISI Document Delivery No.: UB294 Cited References: CINGOLANI R, 1993, RIV NUOVO CIMENTO, V16 DECARO L, 1995, PHYS REV B, V51, P4381 GIUGNO PV, 1995, PHYS REV B, V52, P11591 GRUNDMANN M, 1994, PHYS REV B, V50, P14187 KAPON E, 1994, SEMICONDUCT SEMIMET, V40, P259 RINALDI R, 1994, PHYS REV LETT, V73, P2899 ROSSI F, 1995, IN PRESS SOLID STATE WEGSCHEIDER W, 1993, PHYS REV LETT, V71, P4071 NR 8 TC 0 PU EDITRICE COMPOSITORI BOLOGNA PI BOLOGNA PA VIA STALINGRADO 97/2, I-40128 BOLOGNA, ITALY SN 0392-6737

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