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We present an open-source ITK implementation of a direct Fourier method for tomographic reconstruction, applicable to parallel-beam x-ray images. Direct Fourier reconstruction makes use of the central-slice theorem to build a polar 2D Fourier space from the 1D transformed projections of the scanned object, that is resampled into a Cartesian grid. Inverse 2D Fourier transform eventually yields the reconstructed image. Additionally, we provide a complex wrapper to the BSplineInterpolateImageFunction to overcome ITK’s current lack for image interpolators dealing with complex data types. A sample application is presented and extensively illustrated on the Shepp-Logan head phantom. We show that appropriate input zeropadding and 2D-DFT oversampling rates together with radial cubic b-spline interpolation improve 2D-DFT interpolation quality and are efficient remedies to reduce reconstruction artifacts.