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Turbulent flow in a corn canopy is simulated using large-eddy simulation (LES) with a Lagrangian dynamic Smagorinsky model. A new numerical representation of plant canopies is presented that resolves approximately the local structure of plants and takes into account their spatial arrangement. As a validation, computational results are compared with experimental data from recent field particle image velocimetry (PIV) measurements and two previous experimental campaigns. Numerical simulation using the traditionalmodellingmethod to represent the canopy (field-scale approach) is also conducted as a comparison to the plant-scale approach. The combination of temporal PIV data, LES and spatial PIV data allows us to couple a wide range of relevant turbulence scales. There is good agreement between experimental data and numerical predictions using the plant-scale approach in terms of various turbulence statistics. Within the canopy, the plant-scale approach also allows the capture of more details than the field-scale approach, including instantaneous gusts that penetrate deep inside the canopy.