Conference paper

Three-dimensional Tip Electrode Array Technology for High Resolution Neuro-Electronic Systems used in Electrophysiological Experiments in-vitro

A three-dimensional tip electrode array technology for in-vitro electrophysiological experiments is presented. Based on simulation results obtained with a finite element model of the neuron-electrode interface, it has been shown that the electrical coupling between the neural cells and the three-dimensional tip electrode array is improved compared to standard planar electrodes. Consequently, three-dimensional microelectrode arrays (MEAs) exhibiting a higher spatial resolution than classical integrated MEA systems have been manufactured using the proposed fabrication process. Three-dimensional tip electrode arrays with an electrode diameter of 3-4µm, a height of 1.75µm, and a pitch dimension of 5-6µm have been manufactured on silicon substrate. Future in-vitro electrophysiological experiments are expected to confirm the superiority of the three-dimensional electrodes over the planar electrodes.

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