A high intensity cylotron complex for driving the Energy Amplifier

"The goal of this accelerator complex is to provide a 10 MW proton beam for driving the Energy Amplifier recently proposed by C. Rubbia [1]. It is lower (by one order of magnitude) than the requirements of most of the accelerator-ddrive projects based on c-w linacs [2]. Therefore, the requirements for the Energy Amplifier open an alternative solution based on ring cyclotrons [3], [4] producing a continous beam. Thus taking into account the present development of high-intensity cylotrons (cf. PSU [5]), a three-stage cylotron accelerator is a possible solution. It comprises:* the injector(s) which should be able to deliver a 10 mA beam in a given phase width. A solution based on two 5 mA compact isocchronous cyclotrons (CIC) working in parallel is proposed.* the intermediate stage (ISSC) which is a four-separated-sector cylotron accelerating the injected beam up to 120 MeV. * the final booster (BSSC) which has ten separate sectors and six cavities raising the kinetic energy up to about 1000 MeV. [1] F. Carminati et al., An Energy Amplifier for cleaner and inexhaustible nuclear energy production driven by a particle beam accelerator, CERN Internal Report [CERN-AT-93-47 ET] (November 1993). [2] R. Jameson et al., Accelerator-driven transmutation technology for energy-production and nuclear-waste treatment, Proc. of the 3rd EPAC, Berlin (1992) 230-234. [3] P. Bonnaure et al., Actinide transmutation by spallation in the light of recent cyclotron development, Proc. of the ICENES 86, Madrid (July 1986). [4] C. Rubbia, P. Mandrillon and N. Fiétier, A high intensity accelerator for driving the Energy Amplifier, Proc. of the 4th EPAC, London (July 1994) 270-272. [5] Th. Stammbach et al., Potential of cyclotron based accelerators for energy production and transmutation, Proc. of the 1st Int. Conf. on Accelerator-Driven Transmutation Technologies and Applications, Las Vegas (July 1994)."

Published in:
2nd International Conference on Accelerator-Driven Transmutation Technologies and Applications
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Kalmar, Sweden

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