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Vehicular communication (VC) systems have the potential to improve road safety and driving comfort. Nevertheless, securing the operation is a prerequisite for deployment. So far, the security of VC applications has mostly drawn the attention of research efforts, while comprehensive solutions to protect the network operation have not been developed. In this paper, we address this problem: we provide a scheme that secures geographic position-based routing, which has been widely accepted as the appropriate one for VC. Moreover, we focus on the scheme currently chosen and evaluated in the Car2Car Communication Consortium (C2C-CC). We integrate security mechanisms to protect the position-based routing functionality and services (beaconing, multi-hop forwarding, and geo-location discovery), and enhance the network robustness. We propose defense mechanisms, relying both on cryptographic primitives, and plausibility checks mitigating false position injection. Our implementation and initial measurements show that the security overhead is low and the proposed scheme deployable.